Do you miss the good old times of Tibia? The ScorpionOT team are bringing them back!

Classic tibia server screenshot

Relive the Oldschool Tibia experience!

ScrorpionOT is a classic Tibia server based on clients 7.1 and 7.4. Our goal is to replicate the best times of Tibia while still keeping the game fresh and interesting with small updates, customizations and tweaks.

We intend to stay online for a long time, and we will be hosted on excellent dedicated servers.

The server is currently in development, but we are launching soon! Like our Facebook page here or add your email at the end of this post to stay in touch and receive important news.


Main Features of ScorpionOT

  • Real Tibia Map
  • Real Tibia Quests
  • High Uptime, Lag Free Server
  • Custom antibot client with DirectX9 support
  • Choose between 7.1 and 7.4 sprites (coming later)
  • ScorpionOT will be based on 7.1 gameplay, which means the following things;
    • No skull system
    • No level restrictions for weapons or runes
    • Manual aiming
    • Creatures can be lured anywhere (beware of the GS!)
    • Ships are not protection zones
    • UH traps work
    • Everything is awesome!
  • Low rates
    • 3x leveling rates
    • 2x/5x regen rates
  • More details coming soon.


How To Play ScorpionOT Open Tibia Server

We are currently under development, but planning to launch soon. Check back for more news!

The first people who register an account once we launch will get additional rewards like extra premium time (limited to 1 per person). In order to get the news early, like our page on Facebook!


Planned Updates Of ScrorpionOT

Open Tibia Servers are all about customizing the experience without sacrificing the gameplay and the fun of playing Tibia. Over time, we are planning to add several updates and tweaks to ensure a great gaming experience. We realize that things might get a little boring without any updates after a while. We are planning to add the following updates, customizations and tweaks at some point, depending on community feedback;

  • The addition of areas that didn’t exist in Tibia 7.1/7.4, such as Port Hope
  • Custom quests to keep the mysterious feeling of Tibia available
  • Tameable critters, because everyone needs a friend.
  • Cam support
  • New spells, depending on community feedback
  • And more…


Classic Tibia – Where It All Went Wrong And What Made It So Good…

Believe it or not, the fascination with older Tibia clients is not just blind nostalgia, even though it may sound like that at first. The truth is that oldschool Tibia had a lot more to offer than the current version, and it was not just dime a dozen MMO. Nobody can say that every update has been bad since about 7.72, but unfortunately each good change has been accompanied with half a dozen bad ones. For example, combating the botting problem by giving everyone a bot was just plain lazy, and it was probably the first major mistake in the history of the game.

Currently, there’s little reason to play the live version instead of say, World Of Warcraft. But Classic Tibia still has something to offer – Classic Tibia was and is hard and unforgiving, but extremely fun and rewarding at the same time. Admittedly, the leveling process may be a bit outdated, but that is why we have increased the leveling rates to 3x of the original. That’s what Open Tibia is about.

Fortunately, the oldschool community is not dead yet, and ScorpionOT is launching soon. Add your email below to receive news once we are ready to launch;